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Law and the Citizen: a Workshop
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Law and the Citizen: a Workshop

"The application, enforcement ad interpretation of the Law commands such a prominent position today that all citizens need to be better informed in this area. Therefore, the Hawaii State AAUW members offer this workshop as a means to further educate themselves and other interested persons."

THE TOPICS to be presented are:

  1. How can the citizen effectively participate in law-making?

    1. Lobbying - methods & problems

    2. Initiative, referendum and recall - when and how?

  2. How can those responsible for law-making effectively communicate with the citizen?

  3. Problems of Judicial Administration that should be brought to public attention.

  4. Citizen cooperation in law enforcement

    1. The police and their job

    2. Police problems

  5. Branch reports on community surveys of justice administration.

SPEAKERS Dr. Alona Evans of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, will open the Workshop. Others will include a judge, lawyer, State legislator, city councilman, policeman, lobbyist; and citizen.

DATE and TIME: Friday, November 11, at 1:00 p.m., and Saturday, November 12, at 9:00 a.m.

PLACE: East-West Center

COST: There will be a registration fee of $1.50 for the entire Workshop or $1.00 per day. This will not include the cost of lunch which will be served on Saturday in-the East-West Center Cafeteria.

THE HOSTESS GROUP, the Hawaii State Division of American Association of University Women, has invited all the members of the League of Women Voters to attend. this is right up our alley, and we hope that many Leaguers will take advantage of the opportunity.

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