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From "Save Diamond Head Association"

Jane Hewitt is League representative


The Save Diamond Head Association is organized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Its purpose is to conduct educational programs, conferences and meetings and workshops by engaging in nonpartisan analysis, researching on subjects relevant to the protection and acquisition of open space, the consideration of the natural beauty of Diamond Head and its environs, preservation of Diamond Head as R natural landmark, and the preservation of the historical sites in the Diamond Head area. All information and data obtained is prepared and disseminated free of charge to the public.

The Association encourages and provides for other charitable, scientific and educational acts and works as well as solicit funds for any of its purposes. All contributions monetary or otherwise received by the Association shall be distributed for exclusively public purposes.



The Association requests that the City Council adopt a detailed land use map designating for park use all land makai of Diamond Head Road between Diamond Head park and Poni Moi Road--except for those parcels on which high-rise buildings are now located.

The Association requests that the Hibiscus Drive and Makalei Place areas be designated on the detailed land use map for continued single family residential use.

The Association request that the urban lands surrounding all sides of the exterior slopes of Diamond Head (referred to as "collar zone" in SDLNR Plan for the Visual Preservation of Diamond Head) be designated on the detailed land use map for single family residential Use or such uses as are compatible with the stated objectives of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources Plan for the Visual Preservation of Diamond Head.

The Association recognizes that part of Diamond Head's significance today is due to the fact that its overall setting appears to be natural. The naturalness of this setting is due essentially to 4 major element important to the visual aspects of Diamond Head: the tree base. Therefore, the Association requests in addition to single family residential use for this "collar zone" (which would restrict structures from rising above the existing tree heights) that any development which would lessen the tree cover be restricted also

The Association requests that the interior of Diamond Head (crater zone) be master planned for maximum public recreational use prior to development of any portion of it. The Association is opposed to construction of an aerial tramway anywhere on or within Diamond Head.

The Association requests that all the lands noted above, plus certain other key areas on or around Diamond Head be accorded the additional safeguard of being placed within the historic preservation district classification of the Comprehensive Zoning Code.


The Association requests that the City and County of Honolulu Sin immediate acquisition in fee simple of all lands makai of Diamond Head Road between Poni Moi Road and Diamond Head Park -- except those parcels on which high-rise structures are now located. Because of the high fee purchase price which would be involved in acquiring properties on which high-rise structures are now located, the Association suggests these parcels be permitted to remain in their present use until such time as he City may wish to acquire the land in fee or acquire air or development rihts from the owners. Those lands acquired immediately or in the future would become an extension of Kapiolani Park.

The Association requests that the City and County of Honolulu undertake a new fee simple appraisal of those lands recommended for park use designation, and that this appraisal be included in the amended application for an open space grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Association does not believe acquisition of air rights over these properties would be sufficient to protect and enhance the setting of Diamond Head.

The Association requests that the City and County of Honolulu give priority to acquisition of those parcels bounded by Poni Moi Road, Coconut Avenue, Kalakaua Avenue and Diamond Head Park, makai of Diamond Head Road--except, for those properties of Mrs. Martha Gerbode, the Damon estate and Ben Dillingham. The owners of the Gerbode, Damon and Dillingham properties have publicly indicated that they would endorse the eventual extension of Kapiolani Park, as in the plan noted here. The Association requests that the City initiate discussions with these property owners to explore the possibilities of eventual public ownership of their lands through life estates, tax concessions or other mutually satisfactory arrangements.

The Association endorses the State Monument District concept (as outlined in SDLNR Plan for the Visual Preservation of Diamond Head) and endorses the State Board of Land and Natural Resources' recommendation to the Legislature for the establishment of the Diamond Head State Monument District as passed by that Board on March 8, 1968.


The Association believes the program as outlined above will put an end to Diamond Head land speculation which threatens to despoil the famous landmark. To suggest the City and State cannot afford to give Diamond Head the full protection it deserves is fallacious. On the contrary, Honolulu cannot afford to do otherwise. Since Diamond Head is the State's most prominent landmark, and since it is both a State Monument and a National Natural Landmark, its setting must be protected and enhanced.

The Association feels the City and State must find the resources to give full protection to Diamond Head. The land use designations and the acquisition program recommended above are, the Association believes, practical and within the capability of the City and State. Even if Federal funds are not available, the Association believes the City and State have the capability and the mandate to undertake the Association's recommendations.

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